tasha_smith(2010-med-wide)*Many critics have spoken out against Tyler Perry’s “For Better or Worse” with claims that the characters are not realistic, while cast members maintain that their characters possess “positive images.”

Now that the show is on OWN, Tasha Smith, who plays the lead, Angela Williams, said the expectations are high.

“We know that images inspire and provoke people to dream to pursue their dreams, to believe in themselves,” she told Tanya Hart from American Urban Radio at a press conference at the OWN studio about the show portraying wealthy and successful people.

“So I feel us as African American people, it’s important for us to be able to put positive images on the screen that our daughters, our granddaughters and our children to come will be inspired by.”

The ensemble cast plays characters that are business owners living in beautiful homes, which can send a good message to the youth according to Tasha.

“So that they can pursue a dream and believe that it can come true regardless of what obstacles are in front of them, regardless of the economy.”

“As African American people we probably spend enough money in one year to probably buy CBS!” she exclaimed and said she was so proud to work with Tyler Perry because of the strong characters he has written for them.

“For them to come together and do this and for all of the characters to be smart, educated, beautiful, I feel it’s much needed because we’ve seen enough negative images of ourselves that may have discouraged that young black man or that young black woman.”

Tasha said that she believes the positive portrayals are necessary on television.

“It’s important for us to do this. It’s important for us to stay smart, to stay social, to say current, relevant, political if we need to be, spiritual if we need to be.

“Anything that is going to empower that race of young people that’s coming behind us to live a great life; because they really are our future. So we’re honored and blessed.”