robin thicke & miley cyrus

Robin Thicke & Miley Cyrus actin’ black?

*Is it me, or is Beyonce’s skin getting lighter and lighter these days? And when did “twerking” on stage become front page news?

I could be mistaken, but this dance (if you can call it that) is nothing new; women of color have been shaking their “moneymakers” for ages.

I find it interesting that Miley Cyrus’ “twerking” spree has consumed the minds of the American public more than President Obama’s proposition of war in Syria (can we get our priorities straight?)

Sisters, aren’t you the least bit peeved by the fact that a white girl is getting more shine for doing something that you all have been doing since the beginning of humankind in Ancient Africa? I’m not saying that twerking is comparable to finding the cure for cancer. But “shaking what your mamma gave you” used to be a “black thing.” Not anymore.

In reference to Beyonce, I find it odd that she and other black artists in the mainstream have ventured from the R&B genre and are dabbling with “Europop,” a predominately Caucasian brand of music. I’ve seen the Pepsi Ads, Queen “Bey” is starting to look more like the Queen of England and many of her industry pals have begun to follow suit ( I hear Kayne West spends most of his time in Europe these days).

According to the numbers, white fans of hip-hop account for more album sales than blacks. In essence, white money is the lifeblood of black music–that’s irony.

Economically, (I’m topic hopping, just stick with me), blacks have become increasingly individualistic. Conversely, there are more White-operated civil and gay rights groups than ever before (enough to make Dr. King turn over in his grave). The NAACP and other black-supporting entities have become less involved with the people they claim to serve. Instead, the primary goal of these organizations, it seems, is the acquisition of prestige and political power, not helping people.

Don’t even get me started on fashion. Skinny jeans, body piercings  and Mohawks used to be characteristic of hard-rock culture. However, lately,I’ve seen more young black males wearing these accessories than white males.

In my last article, “Hey Sisters, Are White Women Stealing From Your Playbook,” I made mention of a popular trend in cosmetic surgery that has black women eliminating their natural features to appear more European, while blond housewives spend thousands of dollars to enhance their lips, breasts and undercarriages.

On a side note, there are more interracial American couples than ever before (that’s right, John is dating Shaquanda, and Tyrone is cozying up with Amber) .

I may be jumping the gun, but it seems that blacks and whites are trading places. This concept may seem farfetched, but consider America’s current social climate. If you’re a white progressive,”fitting in” with minorities, blacks particularly, has become more than a casual trend, it’s now a cultural necessity. If you’re a black survivalist, choosing to “assimilate” means staying above water in White America.

If nothing else, white folk have proven to be adaptable throughout human history. Today’s America welcomes foreigners with open arms (unless you’re south of the border) and the number of minority citizens in this country has increased tenfold over the last decade.

White Americans have watchful eyes; they are well aware of the amount of brown faces they see now compared to yesteryear. Being socially, politically, and economically aware are reasons that whites continue to promote diversity in every facet of industry. Some white folk, the smart ones anyway, have taken it a step further. That brings me back to Miley Cyrus– she recognizes the growth potential of appealing to minorities.

Miley’s recent performance during this year’s VMAs wasn’t an accident, it was a flawlessly executed plan to shed her bubblegum image while also becoming the most talked about artist in the world. We couldn’t help but notice the white girl who tried feverishly to behave “black” on national television.

Miley has since become the topic of all media and household conversation just for shaking her ass and holding her crotch a little too long (something black women do at the club on a weekly basis). Other examples include beloved rapper Eminem, daytime talk show host Maury Povich, as well as political talk show host Bill Maher (he’s often labeled a “black apologist”). White politicians operate under any means to secure the “black” vote during election season; and white-owned corporate-business actively strategize for ways to woo the black dollar. As a result, billboards and other ads featuring minorities have sprung like weeds. it seems that White America is going through a period of “urbanization.” Hell, even Madonna went “urban” for a short while in the 80’s.

African-Americans have long assimilated since becoming slaves many centuries ago. However, in pre-modern time, European colonization forced conformity out of black slaves. Today, we have a choice, and many of us choose assimilation voluntarily. Is this a form of race-betrayal? No, it isn’t. However, white folks can return to their own history when playing black is no longer profitable. Do we have the same luxury?

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