tyrese & ex-wife (norma gibson)

Tyrese and ex-wife, Norma Gibson

*According to TMZ, Tyrese Gibson once threw a huge party for his daughter Shayla’s 5th birthday with 300 people in attendance and a number of expensive gifts.

The details for the lavish party were in new court documents that Tyrese has used against his ex-wife’s bid for more child support.

Norma Gibson claims he is an absentee dad and wants more support to make up for the daddy duties Tyrese has been blowing off. But he says the birthday bash proves otherwise.

Aside from the party where Shayla got almost 200 gifts, Tyrese claims he’s been paying for his daughter’s private school and nanny. He also says he buys her new clothes, shoes and spends “thousands” come holiday season.

A judge eventually sides with Tyrese, and Norma’s child support increase was denied last week.

Tyrese and daughter