pastor makeda pennycooke

Pastor Makeda Pennycooke

*(Via CBS Charlotte) – An African-American pastor in Charlotte, North Carolina is being accused of racism, after she sent an email asking that only white members of the congregation stand in front of the church to greet newcomers.

The email was sent by Pastor Makeda Pennycooke of the Freedom House Church, and specifically asked volunteers of the church to only appear on the front steps if they were white.

According to Pastor Pennycooke’s email, Fall is an extremely busy time at the church, and plenty of newcomers are expected to visit the Congregation over the course of the next few weeks. Therefore, Pennycooke opted to ask volunteers of the church who were white to come forward during this time, so that the church could give a good first impression to new visitors. In other words, the Pastor asked African-American members of the congregation not to participate in the greeting of newcomers as they approach the church.

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