Bradd Marquis Album Release Party at DROMLove is a powerful emotion; it can inspire beyond compare and in the case of a breakups and broken hearts, careers have been built.

When it comes to Bradd Marquis, two albums were dedicated to the process of dealing, and ultimately healing, from a wounded heart, but his latest release Thank You is a celebration of overcoming that tumultuous period and moving on with his life.

The latest collection of songs relates his appreciation to his family, friends, the new lady in his life and the fans that have supported him in ways they may not have known.

Trenton, New Jersey is a small city with big city issues, but it’s where Bradd Marquis first met love and song. He was surrounded by a family of singers who exposed him to the Soul Stirrers and Sam Cooke, Luther Vandross and graduated from the pews to the choir at Union Baptist Church. However, that love for performing didn’t fully develop until he was miles away from home pursuing a degree in Cincinnati and decided to settle in New York City in 2006 to begin his recording career.

The hustle and bustle of New York City’s streets spills over into the life of its residence and at times takes precedence over all things and casualties lie in its wake. Among those casualties was an engagement of Bradd Marquis and a woman he once loved; as he put more time into his music, the less he was able to devote to his relationship and then it was no more. He was left with a notebook, a pen and a broken heart. In keeping with the influences of those he’s grown up listening to and loving, he poured his life into his music and the result was Finding My Way, which dealt with the breakup and the strain chasing his dreams provided. His next album, Authentic, was packed with introspection and showed his growth as he’d become more comfortable with himself and career.

The release of Thank You finds Marquis in a great space; renewed in love and recharged by music and looking to expand the conversation through music. He’s continuing to share his story, but doing so in a way that people can not only relate to, but also use as a reference point in their own lives. The first single “Winner” is an ode to women that serves as reminder not to compromise and remain true to herself, while “Love Will Find a Way” shares a story of what relationships look like for many of us. That’s who Bradd Marquis is, he’s one of us and his music reflects that. It’s deeply personal, real, and he communicates it beautifully with a voice trained in church but honed by life.

Marquis and distributor Purpose Music Group have taken advantage of the new music industry, by taking an old approach to promoting the album, work of mouth. It’s a tried and true method, you make good music, get it to the people and they work better than any marketing budget. Sure, there’s been coverage around the net and a social media campaign, but they’re letting the music speak for itself. The team has been creative with sharing the content and most importantly, been consistent. Those are the “three C’s” that Marquis frequently refers to. He’s been active on Twitter and Facebook, he sends a weekly newsletter via e-mail, but he loves meeting people where they live. The face-to-face interaction is what he thrives on.
These days Bradd’s calendar is filled with listening parties, in-store appearances and an album release party this Saturday night at DROM in New York’s East Village. He’s promising a high-energy performance that will leave you feeling good about the music, the night and yourself. However, music is only about 10% of what he does; before being an artist, he’s a man of God, a partner, a son and extremely thankful for this moment.

Follow Bradd Marquis on Twitter (@braddmarquis) or connect with him on Facebook. Tickets to Saturday’s show at DROM can be purchased here and his album, Thank You, is available today digitally and via select retailers.