smartphone & tablet*So whattaya do when you want to make sure you don’t find yourself in a part of town with those “undesirables?”

Are you kidding? That’s easy, you go and download the “Ghetto Tracker” app. It’s designed to help people track, identify and avoid dangerous neighborhoods. OK, let’s not beat around the bush. We’re talking about, as the app’s website describes, “ghetto” and “unsafe” areas.

But guess what happened? It seems the politically incorrect name has been changed due to it being a … politically incorrect name. “Ghetto Tracker” is now “Good Part of Town.”

Of course the app still does the same thing .. namely allows users to identify “which parts of town are safe and which ones are ghetto, or unsafe.”

According to The Week, the start-up app functioned using a rating system where community members and locals rate areas of the neighborhood to alert rich travelers of places to avoid, “especially at night.”

Who can benefit from the app? “Students, traveling professionals, people on vacation, anyone moving to a new city, and it can even help people become more familiar with their own city,” according to the site.

By the way, all mentions of the word “ghetto” have been removed from the website. Also, The Week spoke to the app’s developers creators to confirm that it actually exists. They replied:

“The only thing that’s satire is the name, and I’d classify it as more tongue-in-cheek. The functionality is very real and serious.”

Oh yeah, just in case you want to visit the “Ghetto Tracker” website, it’s been removed, but a posting says it’s coming back soon.