*Technology is leaving a lot of old school folks behind. As things change and society evolves, Hollywood’s gotta catch up and get with the times.

Old head Russell Simmons, however, knows what’s up. He recently shared with TheWrap.com that YouTube is the new vogue of today.

“Hollywood is lost when it comes to integration,” he told TheWrap on Monday, after announcing a new YouTube channel. “It’s a liberal town, and they say ‘we want to do more, we want to become more inclusive,’ but they’ve failed,” he added. “Well, I’m in charge, and I know how to attract multi-racial singers and produce fun stuff that mixes cultures.”

Oh yes, he’s serious. The media mogul is going forward full steam ahead with a a hip hop lifestyle channel, ADD Video. The launch is a part of YouTube’s push to generate original programming.

“I’m an entrepreneur,” Simmons told TheWrap. “I believe that if you give the world something good, it pays you for it. There are a lot of ways to monetize things.”

With the channel, Russell plans to exploit barely charted territory by playing up African American comics and musicians in a way reminiscent of his days with Def Jam Recordings and Comedy Jam.

The channel of course will some how collide with Global Grind cross promotions, linked videos, and documentaries.

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