Zoe Saldana cover*Zoe Saldana is hot, hot, hot!

The ebony hued Latina actress who recently married a man of Italian extraction, shared her inner most thoughts about race, culture, and ethnic differences including skin color and hair.

“In Latino culture, hair carries a lot of history, a lot of weight, and a lot of energy,” said Saldaña to InStyle. “I always liked my hair. I never wanted to have any other skin but my own, any other hair but my own.”

Giving credit where credit is due, the actress gave props to her mother who instilled a sense of pride, shaping her identity.

“My mom raised my sisters and I with a strong sense of self. [My mother] always said, ‘Honey, there is nothing that a red lipstick and a pair of red shoes can’t heal, cure, or solve.’ And I absolutely believe that. They can get you out of anything, even the biggest funk of your life,” she said to the fashion and style magazine.

Her discussion on the topic continued with Latina magazine, where she touched a bit more on her childhood and her outlook on love and men.

“Maybe it’s just the kind of person that I am, or maybe I haven’t really fallen in love yet, had that crash boom bam in my life yet, but I tend to recover, you know, healthy and smoothly… And if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” the actress said to Latina. “A man is something that I want, because this partner is going to add or I’m going to add to this partner.”