don jonHere we go again.

“Don Jon” actor Robert ‘Rob’ Brown, 29, has a bone to pick with Macy’s and New York Police.

Yup, the proverbial floodgates have been opened and the Big Apple’s become a slip and slide of racial controversy.

Brown — who plays a supporting role in the HBO drama series “Treme”– is moving forward with a discrimination lawsuit against the popular retail franchise.

According to ABC news, the young shopper purchased a $1,300 Movado watch for his mother at Macy’s flagship store in Manhattan’s Herald Square. Brown tells reporters that he was subsequently detained by police after employees contacted authorities about possible credit card fraud.

Brown recently told reporters that he was “paraded while handcuffed” through the store to a holding cell, where he was kept for nearly an hour while officers grilled him and searched his bag. He eventually was released without charges.

Brown said at a news conference recently that buying his mother the high-priced watch caused police to intervene.

“I believe that I was profiled,” he told reporters.

Macy’s – in a statement – says that according to an initial investigation, its “personnel were not involved in Mr. Brown’s detention or questioning,” which was “an operation of the New York City Police Department.”

The NYPD is also named in Brown’s lawsuit.