don lemon*The chickens might soon be coming home to roost for confrontational singer Chirs Brown.

It wasn’t long ago when Brown was introduced to the music world as a squeaky clean, straight-laced, baby-faced second coming of deceased pop icon Michael Jackson.

However, that once-promising kid has grown into a wayward young adult with a laundry list of legal issues, including pending charges of assault, domestic abuse and public indecency, among other infractions of the law.

Despite several warnings by authorities to shape up, the 24-year-old ticking time bomb has once again shown why a heaping slice of humble pie, or a good old-fashioned ass whooping, might be just what the doctor ordered.

Brown’s most recent assault charge, after an alleged brawl in the nation’s capital, has caught the attention of CNN anchor and Tom Joyner Morning Show commenter  Don Lemon. “Not everyone talking in your ear has your best interest at heart,” Lemon told Brown in an open letter of sorts.

Lemon began his diatribe by expressing inner-conflict about his feelings toward Brown, urging the public to refrain from crowning him “the poster child for bad behavior, particularly because he’s a young black man.”

Lemon then rattled off white celebrities like Justin Bieber, Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen who have had their own “run-ins with the law” to demonstrate that Brown’s problem is not unique to his race.

“Okay Chris and I mean this with all honesty and with the best of intentions. I’ve been 24-years-old before and felt invincible; that fades over time and with age comes wisdom and you realize that not everyone talking in your ear has your best interest at heart.”

He continued, “Most of the people you think are your closest friends or closest to you: your boys, your fellas; they don’t give a damn about you. When you go to jail, you go to jail alone. You don’t know me from Adam but if I can offer you a bit of advice from one man to another, one black man to another. Don’t listen to the people who tell you that everyone who is criticizing you is a hater, they’re not. That criticism is very valuable because those people have nothing to gain from your fame, or your fortune. They are not on your payroll and probably don’t want to be.”

Lemon warned that if Brown keeps up his behavior, prison will become “your new home; the biggest one in which you’ve ever lived with the smallest bedroom in which you’ve ever slept.”

Earlier this year, Lemon took some heat from the African-American community for essentially agreeing with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that the “disintegration of the African-American family” is to blame for black-on-black violence in America.