Jonathan Ferrell & Caché Heidel

Jonathan Ferrell & Caché Heidel

*After her fiancée, former football player Jonathan Ferrell, was fatally shot ten times by a Charlotte police officer after a car accident, Caché Heidel is holding no grudges against the officer.

“I’ve forgiven him,” Caché Heidel said in an interview with NBC News. “I’m not hateful. I understand it. He was scared. It just hurts.”

Its been a month since Ferrell’s death and although she has forgiven his killer, she still struggles with pain of her loss.

“Everything went wrong that evening that could possibly go wrong,” she said while fighting back tears.

A woman mistakenly thought was Ferrell was a burglar banging on her door and called 911.

“She was afraid,” Heidel said when asked about the woman’s response. “She had a baby. It was 2 in the morning. She just reacted on fear and that’s all that happened that night.”

After she phoned authorities, three officers arrived at the scene when they say Ferrell ran towards them. One officer attempted to use his taser on the man but for some unknown reason it didn’t connect successfully. That’s when officer Randall Kerrick fired 12 shots at Ferrell, who was unarmed, and hit him ten times.

“It hurt me when I found out he pretty much emptied his clip,” Heidel said. “It was out of fear. I do feel like he intended to kill him because he was so scared.”

According to Heidel, the officer may have an “unconscious bias” that he was unaware even existed “until that moment.”

“I felt like if somebody had just taken a step back and really figured out what was going wrong with him they would have known he didn’t cause a threat to anybody,” she said.

Kerrick was hit with a surprisingly fast  charge of voluntary manslaughter less than 24 hours after the shooting. According to NBC News, Kerrick’s attorney Michael Greene maintains that his initial statements surrounding the case still hold true for the defense team’s position and therefore declined to comment on Heidel’s interview.

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