anna kooiman

Anna Kooiman

*Fox News just needs to go ahead and fess up as far as not liking President Obama.

In the latest example of how they will report anything at all they consider negative about him, over the weekend, Anna Kooiman, a Fox News host said the president had offered to pay for the operation of a museum of Muslim culture “out of his own pocket” during the government shutdown.

She has since apologized, but Kooiman made the remark Saturday on “Fox & Friends” during a discussion about closed facilities. She said it didn’t seem fair that a World War II monument in Washington was closed, especially in the context of other things funded.

She didn’t name her source, but Kooiman appeared to be influenced by The National Report, a satirical news site that said Obama would use his own money to keep a Muslim culture museum open.

Kooiman tweeted an apology Sunday. It’s not clear yet whether the mistake will be addressed on the air.