KMart2*Nicki Minaj recently revealed her fashion line with K-Mart. Now, we love us some K-Mart, but seriously, we thought it was a family fashion friendly place.

First of all, check out the line. We’re not at all impressed. The clothes look cheap and worthy of maybe a $5 boutique pop-up or a rack at Rainbow, not to knock the hood shops. Her accessories could be something more acceptable, though.

However, our opinion is just that. The line is another notch in Nicki’s belt as she expands her entrepreneurial enterprises as an artist and businesswoman. We are proud of her come up, showing what versatile ladies like herself can do.

Check out the photos below.

Also, in fashion debut news, Rihanna, whom we’ve been more impressed about as far as fashion is concerned, also collaborated with a popular brand for her own designs.

Rihanna for River Island now has the fall collection available.

Check out her new line here.