mathew-knowles*Mathew Knowles is quietly facing struggles along the way with his record label “Music World” and it’s slowing slipping out of his fingers.

The label has been previously known for successful releases in both gospel and R&B but despite Knowles’ previous denial to Jawn Murray’s AlwaysAList, the company is on the market for sale.

Although no official deals have been made, there have been many major record execs that have confirmed meetings with Knowles about potentially purchasing his label.

Word is Knowles filed suit against one of highest selling artists Brian Courtney Wilson in order to keep him from leaving the label while he attempted to sell it off.

Sources say Wilson’s contract with the label has already lapsed but Knowles was unaware and attempted to use the suit to hinder his potential offers from other companies.

In a statement sent via email, Knowles replied: “Music World Gospel had it’s best year ever in 2012 ranked number 3 overall in market share. We hope continue this trend.”

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