stevie j*Uh oh, it looks like the hammer’s ’bout to fall on Stevie J and his baby mama is the one holding the tool.

A press release sent to EUR this morning says that Carol Antoinette Bennett will reveal that New York State dropped the ball on arresting & recovering $1.29 Million in child support from Bad Boy Recording artist and VH1 star Stevie J

Tomorrow, October 31, Bennett will hold a press conference at 11:30am in Manhattan to expose the facts surrounding the case with ex-fianeé, VH1 reality star (“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”) and Grammy Award winner, Steve A. Jordan-also known as Stevie J.  Jordan currently owes $1.28 million dollars, not including interest, in unpaid child support to two custodial parents.

Bennett, a former music executive and custodial parent to 2 children, is owed $1,051,841.70 according to the New York City Office of Child Support Enforcement. Ms. Bennett has contracted Project Child Support, an organization spearheaded by Kai D. Patterson who is the CEO of Bounty Alert and founder of the Custodial Support Foundation to uncover and collect Steve Jordan’s assets, including any and all companies that may be used as a financial shelter. This case has been deemed historical.

According to a November 5, 2012 story from source “Deadbeat dads and moms represent about 49% out the moneys owed to the federal government for subsidy programs like welfare to kids….”  The story continues and says, “Sadly only about 60% of deadbeat parents pay up, which costs taxpayers billions.”  The challenge is for government agencies to increase enforcements and incentives for helping identify offenders.”  This is a national problem and a financial burden to the federal government and contributes to the United States deficit.

Under the 1992 Child Support Recovery Act, it is a crime to leave a state owing more than 10,000 in unpaid child support arrears for more than 2 years. The press release claims  Jordan owed more than 20 times that when he left New York to live in the state of Georgia.

We can only wonder if this bit of drama will be captured by the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cameras?