TLC*T-Boz and Chili met in 1991 when their group “TLC” was being formed and now 20+ years later not only are they still great friends, but they take care of each other when they’re sick.

While trying to get over a cold, T-Boz was fortunate enough to have her friend and sister-in-music Chili make her special healthy meal to help her feel better.

The two women need to be healthy as they look to release their greatest hits album “20” and promote the release of the VH1 biopic “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story.” The movie premieres on Monday, Oct. 21, and showcases the life and rhymes of the group during the rise to fame and heartbreaking loss of the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.

Their single for the soundtrack “Meant to Be” was written by Ne-Yo and plays off the chant the trio would use before concerts “TLC! MTB!”

“It really captures our 20 years together in a nutshell,” says T-Boz, 43. “Meant to Be is that kind of good-feeling song, about how these girls grew over the years.”

TLC’s pioneering  sound and trendsetting fashion sense truly changed the game. They had their own way of doing things and decided they wouldn’t fall in line with other scantily clad performers. “When we started, we broke a lot of barriers down and we did it with our clothes on. We weren’t trying to be sexy,” says Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas, 42. “You can still have it all without being naked, and I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it just wasn’t our thing.”

For the film, T-Boz and Chilli sat down with writer Kate Lanier for four days to talk about everything from their first meeting in Atlanta in 1991 to Lopes’ fatal car accident in 2002. “It wasn’t as difficult to revisit so much as it was getting back on that roller coaster and tapping into those feelings of anger and passion, opening up about my struggle with sickle cell anemia,” says Watkins. Diagnosed when she was 9, T-Boz was told that she wouldn’t live past 30 or have children. She did both. “I just believed in making it. But having sickle cell is a subject I am very uncomfortable talking about,” says T-Boz, who also went public about being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2006.’

“For me, it was allowing myself to be vulnerable. We’re strong females and we don’t like to show that side,” says Chilli, who was in a longtime relationship with the band’s producer, Dallas Austin. “I put myself in a situation and I think, ‘Why didn’t I just LOSE him?’ ” She got pregnant by the producer when she was 20 but had an abortion. Despite his unfaithful ways she continued dating Austin and eventually had a son with him, Tron Austin, now 15. “We told Kate everything. I mean, everything. In fact, maybe we should go back and get those tapes!” Chilli jokes.

Listen to TLC’s new single: