pistons dance off

*Antwain Alexander, an 11-year-old Detroit Pistons fan, had one goal when he attended last week’s game against the New York Knicks – attract the arena’s dance cam.

“He had been trying to get that dance cam to be on him throughout the whole entire game,” his father, Pastor Alexander, told ABC News.

The cameraman finally gave Antwain his moment and then, unaware that he was making history, cut from Antwain to Shannon Sailes, 46, an arena usher famous for dancing in the aisles during games.

“He was, like, doing his moves and everything, and then they went back to me and I stood up and I said, ‘Come on!'” Antwain said.

antwain dance cam

“It was time for me to step up,” Sailes said. “This is my house, you know.” And step up, he did. The pair’s dance-off has gone viral, and while no one has officially declared a winner, both competitors remained magnanimous towards their rival.

“He’s so good at dancing,” Antwain said of Sailes, though he noted that, “I brought my A game.”

“Overall,” Sailes told ABC News, “he’s a young man, talented, got so much going for himself. He’s the winner.”

Watch below.