babyface tracey & kids

Babyface, Tracey and their two boys

*People just sit on Oprah‘s couch and say the darndest things.

On his recent visit to “Oprah’s Next Chapter” which aired this past Sunday, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds, 54, shared that although he and ex-wife Tracey Edmonds, 46, loved each other, they were never really “in love.”

“We wanted it to look like that. We felt responsible, but the reality is that there was a connection that wasn’t really there. We loved each other but we weren’t really in love with each other. It was more the idea of it falling apart and me holding onto the image of what I thought we were.”

Ah life … another lie revealed.

Anyhoo, the crooner who once said he never really wanted to be a performer also told Oprah that he couldn’t imagine being married to Tracey now (Wow!); and how impressed he is with Tracey’s current man, Deion Sanders (which was more than he could say about Eddie Murphy).

“Deion did one thing for me, which I thought was the classiest thing in the world,” said Babyface. “When he called me and said he didn’t want to meet my children until he sat down with me, so he wanted to know me before he met my children, I was in. Tracey is family, so I wanna make sure she’s good.”

Kenneth and Tracey were married for thirteen years and share two children, Brandon and Dylan.

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