jessica williams (screenshot1)*Attention Black folk!

Want some tips on how to do what everyone else will do on Black Friday, but not get profiled while doing it? Listen up.

Proving that when all else fails just laugh, the video below shows “Daily Show” correspondent Jessica Williams sharing a few ideas on how people of color can shop without being harassed.

Late night talk show host, Jon Stewart introduces the comedic video, but sets it up like this first: This Thanksgiving, as you reflect on the past year and then “prepare to beat the sh*t out of people to go shopping” for Black Friday, remember that not everyone will be afforded the same shopping experience thanks to stop-and-frisk and racial profiling.

In a comedic segment mocking the recent racial profiling incidents at Barneys, Williams puts together her own strategies on how to deal with the all-too-real harassment that people of color face while shopping. A few tactics include hiring an old white woman as your personal shopper, announcing your presence and intentions upon entering a store, and baking cookies for security as a demonstration of your good intent.