forever jones
*Forever JONES becomes the latest gospel act to take to reality TV.

They look to offer an intimate look at the interaction of music and family in their Bounce TV show “Forever Jones. The Jones’ join the likes of fellow gospel acts such as Mary Mary and The Sheards.

I think what you’ll find in watching our reality show is that we’re not a perfect family at all, whatsoever,” said D’Jeniele, the eldest sibling who serves as songwriter, lead vocalist and guitarist for the band. “But in our family we’re keeping God center, where we’re allowing Him to guide [us] through our everyday issues that we go through and that we deal with like every other family out there.”

Being compared to shows such as “The Sheards” and “Mary Mary” is an inevitable thing. With obvious similarities beyond just the genre of music, each show offer the opportunities for fans to see what life is like offstage for these artists. “I loved seeing KiKi talk about wanting to get an apartment [on ‘The Sheards’],” D’Jeniele said.

Forever JONES the group is comprised of parents Kim and Dewitt Jones (married for more than 34 years) and children D’Jeniele, Dominique, Dewitt IV, Judah and Mya. They are considered a band on the rise. Their aspirations are to expand beyond the success of their Grammy-nominated and Stellar Award-winning smash, “He Wants it All.” The position of being humble and working on camera to build something will be endearing to fans and inspiring to other up-and-coming artists.

“I think there are a lot of people who feel helpless,” said Dominique, the group’s vocalist, co-writer, acoustic guitarist and keyboardist. “They don’t know what to do. They’re trying to wait on God, and they don’t understand certain business portions of the music industry, so we’re so open to opening up those doors and letting people see that.”

With seven members of the family, we get a first look at how they are able to keep the groups’ vision first; even while being pulled in different directions. The first show reveals how Kim and Dominique were offered solo record deals by their label, EMI Gospel. This was an attempt to draw more buzz towards the group but the next forever JONES album would be delayed for at least two years. On the other end, Judah is headed off to Kansas State University on a football scholarship and D’Jeniele is caught in the daily grind of singing while also serving as wife to husband Nate and being a mother to two young daughters.

The mother of the clan, Kim, practices “godly conflict resolution” in handling the chaos in the family. No matter what, the Jones’ keep God first, marking the very reason Kim believes they have succeeded in music and in life. “One thing I’d love for [viewers] to take away is that family is doable,” said Kim, “but don’t do it without The Creator.”

Keep up with the Joneses on Bounce TV Wednesday nights at 9 ET/6 PT.

Watch the “Forever Jones” trailer: