Hit the floor*VH1’s new original series “Hit The Floor” combines hot bodies, sports and scandal making it a primetime hit.

The shows follows Ahsha Hayes, played by Taylor Paige, who joins the Devil Girls cheerleading team and finds herself in a world wind of trouble and temptation.

“Hit The Floor’s” creator, James LaRosa sat down with the Urban Daily to share on how the show became such a success, his support for natural hair on Black women and what we can expect for the season finale.

Congrats on “Hit The Floor” being renewed for a second season. How does it feel?

I’m thrilled!  We’re like one big happy family, so I knew it was great news for all of us and we got together to celebrate. I love telling these twisted tales and now I have another season to get wild and perverted.

TV critics have said the show has a lot of  nighttime soap elements of “Dallas” or “Dynasty.”  We’re witnessing a resurgence of primetime soaps with shows like “Hit The Floor” and “Scandal.”  Why do you think that is?

I think primetime soaps in the 80’s were like fashion, they were the “in” thing during their day, but  when you think of shows like “Dallas” now, you think they’re corny.  Now we’re in the age to create a more contemporary version.  I mean if you tried to recreate “Dynasty” from the 80’s it would be corny and weird.    But to be able to do a VH1 version of “Melrose Place” and place it in the world of sports with epic dance sequences in every episode is just great!

Every episode of Hit The Floor has been directed by a woman. Was that a specific agenda you set out to achieve or was it just a coincidence?

I think it was a mixture of both. I would never go to only one type of person to do a job- the person most qualified should get it.  We happened to hire a female director for the pilot and it was an education for me in how different the atmosphere was  with a woman director as opposed to a man.  Especially with a show like this where one could exploit these women, but having a female director gave a lot of freedom to our cast to do the kind of sexy they were comfortable with.  I can guarantee we will have male directors for our second season but we’ve really benefited from having these female directors getting the show off the ground.

All of the Devil Girls, including two of the female leads, Paige Taylor (Ahsha)  and Logan Browning (Jelena) are trained dancers.  Some cheerleader movies like “Bring It On” tend to use dance doubles – was that something you wanted to avoid?

There are no dance doubles on our show. All of  the dancers featured are dancers and all the ball players are ball players.  You can  tell when you’re watching a dance sequence and suddenly you spot a dance double, some guy in a wig.  Our audition process is brutal – we auditioned hundreds of dancers and they had to be able to dance and look the part.  Taylor trained with Debbie Allen since she was 10,  Kat Bailess (Kyle)  has danced on Broadway and it helps in the performances because we don’t have to say “Ok we’ve done this scene with the actors, now let’s bring out the dancers.”

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