jahlil pinkett trick play*Oh yeah, that was a good one. They literally didn’t see it comin’.

Friday night football was on and poppin’ in SoCal (Southern California, to the uninitiated) when El Camino High and quarterback Jahlil Pinkett went into their bag of tricks and pulled off one for the highlight reels.

And from the way things turned out, it seems Jahlil’s aunt,  Jada Pinkett Smith, is not the only one in the family with acting skills.

Here’s the deal. In the process of cruising to a 52-6 victory over Cleveland High, Jahlil takes the snap, and calmly starts making his way toward the sideline; it seems as though he’s on his way to request a new football to complete the play.

Uh oh. Talk about letting your guard down. It’s at that point that everyone … on both sides of the ball let up and buy into the ruse. That’s all Pinkett needs ’cause as he gets closer to the sideline, he makes a left turn and dashes 80 yards upfield to the goal line. Touchdown!

“We put in some fun plays to keep them interested,” coach Brandon Holmes told the Los Angeles Times. “Everyone is acting like it’s a wrong ball. The center had to hand the ball legally. The team was surprised. No one really reacted until he was 30, 40 yards ahead.”

It’s all on video. Watch: