Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in a scene from “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

*“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” doesn’t open until May 2014, but Columbia decided to whet the appetite of fans by throwing together a press day for the film…seven months early.

Joining Andrew Garfield (Spidey/Peter Parker), Emma Stone (Gwen) and Dane DeHaan (Harry Osborn), over the weekend was newcomer to the franchise Jamie Foxx, who suits up as the supercharged villain Electro, a.k.a. Maxwell “Max” Dillon.

Jamie Foxx as Electro in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

Jamie Foxx as Electro in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

“We wanted to set Max up that when he’s Max Dillon he’s a broken man,” Foxx told us during a webchat this weekend. His Marvel Comics character gains the ability to control electricity when lightening strikes him while he’s working on a power line.

“He meets Spider-Man and Spider-Man says his name, Max. No one ever says Max’s name,” Foxx continued. “So it sparks this inner wanting to sort of be somebody. And when it doesn’t turn out right – it’s his birthday and his mom doesn’t remember his birthday, all these different things that are going wrong in his life – when he turns into Electro, you see why he’s angry at the world.”


Foxx says his he’s been a fan of Spider-Man since the character’s early-70s appearances on PBS’ children’s program “The Electric Company.”

With “Spider-Man 2’s” co-stars by his side (all too young to remember Spidey on “The Electric Company”), Foxx takes us down memory lane:

“The Amazing Spider-Man 2” opens on May 2, 2014.

Below, an episode of “Spiderman” from “The Electric Company” (Spidey Vs. The Yeti) with Danny Seagren as Spidey, Jim Boyd as the Yeti, and Morgan Freeman as the policeman who wants to end the Yeti’s squashing spree.