mary j blige (black nativity)*Mary J. Blige recently sat down for an interview about “Black Nativity” and her new Christmas Album.

But, during the interview, she offered advice to couples like Khloe & Lamar that are battling addiction.  Because Mary comes from a relationship (her and K-Ci) that involved drugs, she believes that you should not stay.

“I can’t comment on anybody else’s life.  But, I’m going to say this.  Two hurt people can not help each other.  They can not.  So, if you’re an addict and he’s an addict, who’s gonna help?  So, somebody’s got to step in.  I don’t know?  If you can’t help me, I’m the type of person I’m bailing. I’m bailing, God Bless you, somebody else gotta help you.  For real, two people hurt can’t help each other.”

Do you have any insecurities and if so, how did you overcome and learn to love yourself?

“I had to learn how to trust my gut.  Trust what I know to be right … not right, but not waiver on who I am.  Know who I am,  know what I want,  and know it. Not waiver on it and be secure in that.  And I still struggle with it.  But I really…I can’t be moved.  You can’t move me and that all comes with loving myself and I’m like my best buddy.  I like hanging out with me and I’ve accepted everything about me good, bad whatever it is.  That’s why I’m able to, that’s why no one can tell me anything negative about myself.  Now there’s room for fixing myself if need be.  Cause I’m not perfect and everything is great, but because I know myself and I know the good about myself and I know the bad about myself, I know what I need to check.  You know so, that’s it.  So, it’s really about this self love thing and I keep getting tested. “

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