aaron prejean

Aaron Prejean

*Aaron Prejean has carved a successful niche as major player in the business of oil.

While the Formula Oil Engineering owner is passionate about his career, Prejean is taking steps to bring another passion to the forefront.

“Basically, being in the oil field I love it. I have a passion for it because it’s always challenging. However, I have a deeper passion for the entertainment business,” the businessman confessed to EUR’s Lee Bailey. “So what I’m doing is I’m making decent money to invest in myself for the entertainment business and so basically trying to swap it over.”

Prejean’s love of entertainment goes back to his days as a student at the John Casablancas modeling and career center in New Orleans and Los Angeles. The experience triggered Prejean’s creative side with a desire to tell the best story in the best way.

“I’m a creative person. I was always idealistic, coming up with something new to do or creative stories and or looking at a situation and saying ‘How else can a story be told’? and relate it to others,” he stated.

What Prejean is doing is laying the foundation for his takeover of the entertainment industry. At this time, the executive is in the early stages of developing Prejean Productions, a Beverly Hills, CA-based full service production company that will create original film, television and web series content. Among the company’s endeavors is “The Enablers,” a TV series that will examine entertainers who capitalized, for better or worse, on being enabled by those around them.

“You have famous athletes. You have famous singers and artists, actors and actresses that are being enabled because of their elite status,” said Prejean, who alluded to celebrities like Anna Nicole Smith, Britney Murphy and Michael Jackson. “Each episode is about a particular star, a particular situation of being enabled…it’s a television series about reality, but it’s going to be very similar to “Grey’s Anatomy,” “ER,” “The Closer,” shows like that. It’s gonna have that feel.”

“There’s been so many actors and actress that died by prescription drugs. You got A-Rod. You have Barry Bonds, you have this famous cyclist, Armstrong. They’re all being enabled and they don’t realize that they’re closer to their death by doing this,” he continued. “The physicians are going out of their code of ethics that they agreed upon when they got their license. It shouldn’t matter the level of life you’re in, how much money your bank account has shouldn’t dictate who can get it and who can’t.”

Shooting for “The Enablers” is set to begin by the end of next year. With the entertainment business, Prejean knows the risks. However, he is armed with motivation from a bigger goal in mind.

“My goal is just to be the voice, to be that platform for people who have lack thereof of knowledge on connecting the dots and knowing what’s really going on out there and how things really work either in the industry or just in life in generally. You know connecting the dots,” he said while alluding to the creation of his foundation, Bridging the Gap of Knowledge. “Everyone has a dream when they’re young and I want to bridge the gap of knowledge through my company. That is all a part about being creative. What can I do to help the next man?…It’s just my vision for a nonprofit organization that I’m going to create. So initially me getting myself on that plat in the entertainment business where is I can be that national or international voice, that is going to be my giving back.”