pebbles x 2*According to Ryhmes with Snitch, Peri “Pebbles” Reid is set to appear on Wendy to plead her case of being maligned by TLC  in the recent VH1 “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” film.

Pebbles, who was once a singer (“Mercedes Boy“) and formerly married to music exec LA Reid, discovered TLC and signed them to her record label in 1991.

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In the film she was portrayed as someone who took advantage of TLC and basically led them to bankruptcy.

It is that portrayal that Pebbles gives her first interview about this Wednesday on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

It’ll be interesting to see if Wendy is sympathetic to her situation.
Tamar Braxton (the real)OK Tamar, you some ‘splainin’ to do.

Just what da hell is that thing you wore on the “Soul Train Awards (below)?” Good Lord, you had to have known it wasn’t a good look. Either from the front or the back.

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Seriously, what is that? A thong-jump/catsuit? Somebody please help us, er, Tamar.  🙁

Oh yeah you can see more when the “Soul Tran Awards” air Dec 1 on Centric and BET.

Can’t wait can ya?
tamar - thong thing