*Good to know that somebody will be happy to see the Rev. Al Sharpton coming.

Now, you know history has shown that the Rev’s presence, to way too many, is NOT a good thing.

Usually, when he comes a knockin’…nobody wants to be at home. But this Sunday, November 17, when he knocks on the door of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” things will be different. Hallelujah! Can we get a witness?

The episode, which airs at 9PM ET/PST on OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network, will have the good Rev. speaking on the topic of race in what is anticipated will be an open and revealing discussion.  He’ll talk about how his time as an angry black man; his role as a civil rights activist has evolved, and the moment that changed his life. He’ll discuss his new book, “The Rejected Stone,” and what drives him to choose his battles in fighting for what he believes in. He will also let us in on his dramatic weight loss.

Later in the show, Sharpton’s daughters, Ashley and Dominique will join the conversation. This will actually be their first interview together (wow!) and they will talk about “growing up Sharpton;” how their father has shaped their lives and their future.

Oprah to the Rev. Al Sharpton: “Were You for a Very Long Time an Angry Black Man?” – First Look

The Rev. Al Sharpton admits that for many years, he was very angry—angry at society, angry at his father for leaving his family, and angry at some of his mentors. Now, the Rev. Sharpton tells Oprah how he felt he was robbed of the life he was supposed to have, and reveals how he finally dealt with his pain.

This, dear EURweb readers, should be one for the history books!

Tune in Sunday night at 9/8c.