2-u-neek *Los Angeles, CA –  2-U-Neek (Pop/R&B Duo) “You Know Those Twins” are once again on the road from city to city to meet, greet and entertain their FANS.

These two have been requested throughout so many cities in Southern California that one would think that 2-U-Neek is on tour such as Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé  (currently touring). Speaking of Beyoncé,  2-U-Neek has booked a pre show for this major artist and look forward to hopefully working on another one of her projects in the near future.

The twins sing and dance and put on a dynamic energetic show. 2-U-Neek has a variety of current top Billboard tunes that they cover as well as original and ol skool tunes.These two are no strangers to the stage. The act as well and have been seen on BET, Disney, Nickelodeon, the Big Screen and more.

Ashton of 2-U-Neek has been seen acting on the hit television show Sam & Cat on Nickelodeon with Ariana Grande and Jeanette McCurdy. Dan Warp of Nickelodeons sees adding Ashton to future shows…(fingers crossed)

2-U-Neek has performed The National Anthem for various major sporting events including The NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs and more.

2-U-Neek has recently performed at numerous charity events. These are near and dear to the twins hearts. One being Step Up And Walk for Human Growth in conjunction with The Los Angeles Chldren’s Hospital.The twins entertain for private events as well and recently performed for a Political Holiday Dinner in Alhamba, CA. Where they met with Los Angeles District Attorney Jacqueline Lacey.

She had awesome comments on 2-U-Neek’s voices.2-U-Neek is currently in the studio working on their sophomore album 2 R > 1  . They have written about 20 songs for this project and will place about 10 or 12 on the album. Their team of music producers/ mixers/engineers include Zouhair Qorchi (Digital Clue) of Germany, Taylor Moseley (Inland Empire), Kevin Richardson (Virginia), Tim Gerron (Texas) and 2-U-Neek’s very own Ashton.

2-U-Neek would like to Thank all of their FRANS, supporters such as Puritas Organic Gold Beverages and Prep Coterie Clothing.

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