50 Cent*Four score and many years ago, 50 Cent and Kanye West engaged in a battle for record sale supremacy. Fast forward to now and 50 is offering his 2 Cents regarding Kanye’s recent string of outbursts.

From the looks of it, West is doing nothing more than letting his antics outside the studio overshadow the music he’s more than capable of elevating. Most recently, the rap star got into a heated exchange with MTV news personality Sway Calloway over a question regarding past attempts by West to break into the fashion world.

During an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, 50 touched on West’s recent outburts and whether they are helping or hurting him.

“I don’t know how that helps,” 50 said. “The problem, what he’s talking about, it doesn’t make any…” he stammered, ending with, “Communication with Sway is not gonna adjust that.”

50 continued to break down the reason behind West’s struggle to cross over in to the fashion arena as he noted that those rejecting West are “passionate” about their craft and therefore not as open to celebrity designers, Fif pointed out.

“[It’s] the same way they didn’t embrace [Lil] Wayne immediately in skateboard culture,” he explained. “The people who do it, do it. So they’re passionate about it and they’re like wait, ‘you’re tryna look like us?’ They don’t wanna embrace it at first.”

Shifting gears away from West, 50 weighed in on the death of South African civil rights icon Nelson Mandela. In the G-unit general’s eyes, the worldwide response to Mandela’s death is a testament to his impact.

“At 95, you’re still not prepared for the loss of people that have a strong impression on people coming up,” 50 said. “… those people who dedicate themselves to helping others,” the rapper said as he compared meeting Mandela in South Africa to being in the presence of “a king.”

Musically, 50 revealed that he continues to work on his upcoming album, “Street King Immortal.” The project is 50 Cent’s first album in more than four years. Prior to its release, the rapper will unleash “Animal Ambition,” an offering with Whoo Kid.