michael b jordan

*The skin color of a popular comic book character may change in 2015. According to TheWrap, Michael B. Jordan (“Chronicle”) is currently contending to play the role of the Human Torch in the upcoming film “Fantastic Four.”

If he does score it, it’ll be a rare role for an African American actor in a major franchise.

The Human Torch, also known as Johnny Storm, was white in the Marvel comic, and the wise-cracking character was previously played by Chris Evans in the original 2005 version and its 2007 sequel.

So is Hollywood ready for a Black superhero? Why not?

When Samuel L. Jackson starred as Nick Fury in “The Avengers,” perhaps it was more digestible because he was but a co-star and acted as the team leader without superpowers.

There have been a few ‘superheroes’ out there, but no one out of Marvel made the cut to the big screen as of yet.

“Fantastic Four” has a preliminary release date of March 6, 2015.