anchorman 2 (drake)

*I’m a huge fan of the first Anchorman, which came out about 10 years ago so I was a little skeptical because sequels usually are not as funny or good as the first.  Let me assure you that Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues lives up to its hype.

Will Ferrell’s comedic timing is impeccable. Ferrell is supported by an amazing cast including: Steve Carrel, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, Christina Applegate and Meagan Good who deliver stellar performances. Not only is this film hilarious, it sends an important message and is overflowing with amazing cameos. I recently sat down with the Director of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Adam McKay, to talk about the film and some behind the scenes fun.

Adam McKay & Will Ferrell

Adam McKay & Will Ferrell

Speak about the hip-hop cameos from Drake & Kanye. How did that come about? What was it like working with them? 

“It was a dream.  I’m a huge hip hop fan going way back like back to 83.  I had my Gemini mixer listening to Run-DMC and Kurtis Blow. So the idea of Kanye West on the set and Drake on the set and at one time Kanye and I were talking about a song he was doing, kicking around rhymes for it.  I was like he’s probably not going to use what I’m suggesting but it was really fun and a treat.  Drake is an experinced actor so he was like no problem but Kanye hasn’t done as much acting but the trick with Kanye which I didn’t know but Kanye is really funny and actually improvised some funny lines. One actually made it into the movie.  I would throw him a line and he would say, “I don’t know if I like that” and he would say let me try this and we would go back and forth and play with the lines.  It was such a blast and he would play his new album for us on set.

What was it like working with Meagan Good?

“Oh my God she is great!!! I just kept saying you’re a movie super star.  Beautiful, good actress, game she would just roll with it, go with it, try this and she would just do it.  I will never forget when she came raging into the studio and kick the crap out of Will for a scene. I was like, “Wooooooow where did that come from” and she said, “My father was a cop” so Meagan is a secret bad ass. She’s tough man.  She was awesome just said yes yes would try anything go there with no problem and try anything.  I think this could be a big thing for her.  You just look at her and say that is a giant movie star.”

The first “Anchorman” came out almost 10 years ago, and now you’re stars have become so much more famous, can you reflect on that?

“It’s kind of nuts… Every studio in town said no to making it so we gave up. I then went on and did Elf which I did a big rewrite but I didn’t direct that. It wasn’t till Old School came around and because of Old School that’s when Dream Works and Universal came into the mix and wanted to make Anchorman which it ended up at Dream Works. It was a movie that no one wanted to make, it was so hard to make and we worked so hard on it and we finally got to make it. It ended up becoming this kind of group of us that were in it.  Seth Rogan had two lines. It was really Steve Carell’s big role other than his cameo in God Almighty. Paul Rudd did Clueless and a smaller movie but people didn’t know how funny he was at the time. There were all kinds of people that went on and did other things.  It became a fawned memory and we laughed everyday making the movie and we were just so happy being able to finally get to do what we like to do.  It was almost like summer camp, like wow look what we did at summer camp and look what everyone went on and did.”  

How did the sequel come about?

“It was after step brothers and we kept getting asked about it. So Will and I just one day said what would we do and that was kind of the moment. Then we found out more about 24 hours news and new that would be a good sequel because you can’t repeat the same beats for a sequel it would just be blah and thought I would be better to just add a chapter to it.”

Would you ever consider doing a spin off with one of the other characters of Anchorman 2?

“That’s interesting you ask. We actually joked about it on set speaking of the son Walter Burgundy and Baxter.  We thought we should do a kids movie like a Milo and Otis movie but still stick with the same humor of Anchorman.  It’s  interesting you never know.”

If you could give me one word to describe your journey will Will Ferrall up until now what would it be?

Scarecrow!  I don’t know what that means but that’s the word that came to me LOL.”


This story was written by  Lucena Herrera