P.-Diddy-et-Kanye-West-lors-de-la-soiree-d-anniversaire-de-DJ-Khaled-a-Miami-le-26-novembre-2012_portrait_w674*Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Kanye West are same person.

At least that’s what someone thought when running into the man formerly known as Puff Daddy at Miami’s annual Art Basal.

The New York Post managed to get an explanation for the confusion from Jeffrey Deitch, an art dealer and collector who attended the Art Basal. According to the Post, Deitch bumped into Diddy at the event and said, “Hi Kanye…”

The mistake has apparently been a hard one to get past for Deitch, who is said to be “mortified” by his misidentification.

“There was a big crowd gathered at the entrance to an art fair booth. I asked the dealer what the commotion was about and she said, ‘Kanye is here,’” Deitch the Post while detailing how the mistake happened. “I could only see the person from the back, and went over to say ‘Hi Kanye.’ To my great embarrassment, it turned out to be P Diddy. He thought it was very funny, especially since we had spent several hours together visiting my street art show in Los Angeles.”

And there you have it. A case of mistaken identity only to be laughed off by the victim. The moral of the story: Get your celebrities straight before casually greeting them at a crowded event. If not, then the result is an extended guilt trip while being haunted by the laughter of the celebrity who can now sign autographs under his new assumed name.