christina milian *Off her Dancing with the Stars run earlier this year, music star Christina Milian praised Beyonce‘s effort on her new album release with no promotion and no hype citing her own personal experiences. She told celebrity interview and newsmaker journalist Chris Yandek of during a recent interview in Miami:

“I think that’s exactly what I was expressing. You know it’s time to take control, take the reigns and make your own rules. You know what, people get caught up so much in like old traditional ideas of what you’re supposed to do and how you’re supposed to come out and she proved that there are no rules when it comes to this and she doesn’t need any promotion at all. People love Beyonce. She’s on a fierce tour right now, she’s an amazing artist, she sounds fantastic and she’s showing her maturity I think with this album. I think it was actually great how she unveiled it. You know, it’s opposite of everything she’s already done.”

When it comes to her own personal experience, Milian notes she was tired of waiting on others to accomplish things in her own career that never happened and that artists are now wanting to take control of their projects and do it their way:

“I’m in a place in my life where I don’t want to wait. If I have something I believe in and I have a passion to do it, I’m gonna put my money up for it. You know I’m gonna do whatever I possibly can to make it succeed and give it my time and my all. You know, so I’ve wasted many years waiting for other people to help make things happen for me or having meetings and all that stuff that sounded like it was gonna get to something whatever the idea was and now I got fed up and I said, ‘It’s time. I can’t. I don’t have time to wait. I’m a mom now.’ So time to go out there and get it.”

The Latina beauty was in Miami promoting her Viva Diva wine collection. Talking about what she wants people to know about her new beverage line, Milian said this:

“I came into the wine business because wine is just something I think is just like a special, part of my life is my friendships, my family and these moments that goes beyond work that sometimes you just need to relax and you just need to bond or you just need to just chill out and wine does that for me.”

christina milian & chris yandek

Christina Milian and Chris Yandek

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