bad marriage*(Via iDadteDaily) – An ex-wife will have to pay her ex-husband $50,660 in overpaid spousal support after the United States Court of Appeals (10th Circuit) concluded that the overpaid support is not a dischargeable debt.

While every state has different criteria, spousal support is the periodic payment of money for the maintenance of a former spouse who is determined to be dependent. Spousal support (alimony) is not automatic and is only awarded to a former spouse if deemed necessary by the court.

It is also noteworthy that support can be awarded for either a definite or indefinite period of time, as determined by the court.

However, mostly all states will typically terminate or modify the petition for spousal support when the dependent spouse dies, re-marries or their (or the supporting spouse) financial circumstances substantially change, making them no longer a dependent spouse.

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