fantasia (headshot)*According to so-called “insiders,” Fantasia is supposedly not too thrilled with the wife of her former lover Antwaun Cook.

That’s because Paula Cook is said to be getting close to the love child that Fanny and Antwaun had together during their fling when he was estranged from Paula.

For instance, the little boy, Dallas, had his 2nd birthday last weekend, but because of commitments to the Broadway play she’s appearing in, Fantasia couldn’t attend the event at a Chuck E. Cheese back in North Carolina. However, according to RadarOnline, Antwaun and Paula and the two sons they have together were there for the celebration.

“Antwaun and Paula are really happy being together again, and they already have two sons that Dallas fits in perfectly with and loves being around,” an insider said.

“Fantasia and Antwaun have shared custody of Dallas, but he ends up with him a lot since she’s busy on Broadway, which in turn gives Paula a lot of time with him,”

Baby Dallas was born to Fantasia and Antwaun in 2011; they broke up earlier this year and he went back to his estranged wife, Paula.

Here’s more from the “source”:

“Paula’s a strong woman for pretty much helping to mother the love child of her cheating husband.”

“But her relationship with Antwaun takes precedence right now and the last thing on their minds is whether or not it’s hurting Fantasia’s feelings. She won’t sacrifice the well-being of the child because it’s not his fault.”
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