amber laign & robin roberts

Amber Laign & Robin Roberts

*Truth is for most folks, hearing of Robin Roberts coming out as a lesbian via her Facebook posting on Sunday was not a shock /surprise.

The truth is she’s been open about her sexuality for years; she just didn’t feel the need to go public until now.

You see, pretty much everyone in her life, both personally and professionally, knew she was gay and in a 10-year relationship with Amber Laign.  They met in San Francisco through mutual friends.

Amber is a massage therapist who specializes in helping people with injuries.

As for their relationship, TMZ says their sources say Amber was utterly devoted to Robin when she went through both of her illnesses — breast cancer in 2007 and Myelodysplastic Syndrome in 2012.  Robin was extremely ill and Amber was her rock.

But if you’re wondering why     Robin came out yesterday, As for why Robin came out yesterday, it’s simply because she never felt the need to tell the world, but at the end of such a difficult year she wanted to acknowledge what Amber did for her.

amber laign sally ann & robin roberts

When Robin Roberts won the ESPN Arthur Ashe Award For Courage in July, her long-time girlfriend Amber Laign was sitting in the crowd next to Robin’s sister Sally Ann (source: DailyMail)