+ He Shares His Reaction to Evelyn Lozada’s Pregnancy

john salley*Looks like we weren’t the only ones disappointed that “Basketball Wives” ended without a reunion. John Salley, who hosts the reunion show, was a bit blown about the way things went down.

Media Partner, theJasmineBRAND.com, chatted with the retired NBA baller asking about what he would have asked the cast members (had the reunion show not been axed), Evelyn Lozada’s pregnancy, Tami Roman’s potential spin-off and why she’s the best on reality TV and more.

Check out a part of our conversation below.

Jasmine BRAND: I missed you on the reunion for Basketball Wives we’re you disappointed or it is that part of the game, so to speak?

It is part of the game and I was really disappointed because when I watch the show I write it after each episode and then I re-watch it about three days before the show, so I have all my notes. I don’t really read anything. I’m really just asking questions as if I am a fan. So I didn’t get to do that this time but I’m happy for Evelyn. That’s my dog. I saw that she is pregnant and smiling, I’m following her on Instagram. Thats my dog so Im just happy for her.

Jasmine BRAND: If you had two burning questions for anyone [for the reunion] that you were dying to ask, what were they?

I would have been funny about it but I would have said [to Evelyn], ‘Did he head-butt you with the lower part or the upper part? Like did he do straight up or straight down?’ I would have said something silly like that  and probably got kicked off the show.

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