K. Michelle*”Love & Hip Hop” may have brought K. Michelle to the table, but the singer is set to start another chapter with her upcoming reality show “No New Friends.”

In K. Michelle’s eyes, fans will see the same, authentic person they saw in “Love & Hip Hop: New York” when the new show airs.

“It’s just me, who I always am, me as a woman, me as a mother and just me as a businesswoman and interacting with my friends,” the reality show starlet told theGrio.com.

K. Michelle’s cool, collected and relatively calm demeanor on “Love & Hip Hop: New York” is a far cry from how she was on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” On that show, the entertainer found herself at the center of more than one altercation with her co-stars in Atlanta when she suggested that her ex-boyfriend physically abused her. The situation not only resulted in the end of her relationship, but also doubts about her suggestion from castmates who are friends with the then-couple. K. Michelle’s ex has since moved on and is married to another popular reality TV star.

The drama from the Atlanta show served as a catalyst for K. Michelle to find ways to avoid confrontation.

“I don’t put myself in certain situations now where I have to react,” she said.

For more of K. Michelle’s chat with theGrio.com, in which she comments on whether reality TV is on its way out, watch the video below: