Yeezy Has Designed Over 20 Shoes With Adidas Already
kanye west (nike sneaker)

*As all full well know at this point, Once you get Kanye West started, he’s not gonna stop.

So, since he was in his hometown, Chicago, over the weekend, he stopped by the WGCI Morning Riot show speak his mind one more time regarding shoe deal with Adidas.

“We designed the entire women’s collection. We designed the entire men’s collection. And we designed 20 shoes. We coming in September and it’s about to be a paradigm shift.”

And yes, Yeezus also took the opportunity to put his virtual foot up Nike‘s virtual behind one m ore time.

“You need to hear this in Portland. Listen at the Nike Campus, that methodology, that’s not going to work. All of this leveraging and extortion is not going to work now because I’m at adidas. The game is flipped now. There’s nobody you can run to and nowhere you can hide right now.