kelly rowland & tim witherspoon1*Now that Kelly Rowland has announced her engagement, if you’re expecting a big ol’ fancy schmancy Hollywood wedding, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment.

Rowland, 32, who got engaged to her boyfriend and manager, Tim Witherspoon, via Skype of all things, is saying that while she hasn’t set a date set, she already has in mind what kind of ceremony she’d like to have.

“I think we just really want it to be us and our pastor. That’s it,” she says. “I mean, we are the only two that’s going to be in the marriage.”

Well, even though she says it’ll just “be us and our pastor,” we can’t help but also think about the possibility of it going down in some nebulous wedding chapel in Las Vegas.

But the bottom line is she’s not gonna pull a NeNe Leaks or Michael Jordan and spend tens of thousands on big wedding and reception with a sit-down dinner for hundreds of friends or family, either.

Wait a minute! If all the foregoing is what’s she’s gonna do, that means neither Beyoncé, Michelle Williams (Her Destiny’s Child mates) or her fellow “X Factor” judges Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell should be scanning their mail for an invite, according to People.

“You have to pay for food for everyone and I’m not down with that,” she says with a laugh. “Everyone is there just to be nosy and see who I’m wearing, you know. I’m okay.”

Dang, all we can say to that is, “Whoa!”

What say ye?