chrissy lampkin (mugshot)*We guess Chrissy Lampkin – who’s lookin’ kinda cute in her mugshot above – was out looking for some more bad girl cred.

And if that was the case, it looks like the “Love and Hip Hop” star found it early this morning.

Lampkin was arrested early this morning for allegedly bloodying up a girl at a New Jersey bar, according to a TMZ report.

Lampkin was busted around 2:30am for aggravated assault and disorderly conduct and was bad enough that the victim required hospitalization.  She was bloodied and doctors had to stitch up the area above her eye.

Nope, it wasn’t for the cameras. It was straight up real ’cause no cameras were rolling. At least none from the TV show. Who knows, maybe a smartphone vid of the action might come to light.

Now, as for what started the fisticuffs, TMZ says Chrissy got pissed that the alleged victim sat on the sofa she was sitting on and accidentally bumped into someone.  OK, whatever.

Lampkin was released a few hours later … after her fiancee Jim Jones bailed her out.