mathew-knowles*He may be a baby daddy, but Mathew Knowles’ camp says he is not a deadbeat dad.

In a statement to Sister 2 Sister magazine, the music mogul’s legal team denied claims made by Knowles’ former mistress Alexsandra Wright that he owes her $24,000 for missing his last two child support payments. Knowles agreed in 2010 to pay $12,000 a month in child support for his 3-year-old son Nixon.

“There have been several media reports [this week] suggesting that Mr. Knowles has a delinquency concerning his child support obligation to Ms. Alexsandra Wright,” stated Knowles’ spokesman, Ken Harris. “At this point, Mr. Knowles’ financial advisers indicate that he is current concerning that obligation.”

Harris continued confirming that Knowles would have never skipped one of his child support payment as he revealed that his client has every intention of making his next payment before the end of the month.

“Mr. Knowles takes his obligation related to the support of his son very seriously,” he said. “To that end, Mr. Knowles has consistently provided support during all periods for which he has been legally obligated.”

“Mr. Knowles’ child support obligation has been the subject of substantial litigation over the past year,” Harris added. “A mediation concerning this matter has been scheduled for later this month.”

If a resolution isn’t found at the mediation, the legal drama will continue with a hearing for Knowles and Wright scheduled for early 2014.