Barry Gusi presents Gusi award to Catherine Dupe Atoki

Barry Gusi presents Gusi award to Catherine Dupe Atoki

*A Nigerian, Mrs Catherine Dupe Atoki, has been awarded the Gusi Peace Prize International award in Manila, Philippines.

The Gusi Peace Prize International Award is the Asian counterpart of the Nobel Peace Prize, and was conferred on the awardees of its 13th edition in Manila, Philippines.

There were  15 prominent awardees including the Mrs Atoki, the Director General of the Consumer Protection Council (CPC), Nigeria. She picked up the award of the Human Rights Advocacy category, by virtue of her advocacy on human rights in the African Union (AU), having served the organization for six years in the African Union Commission on Human & People’s Rights, the regional body for the protection and promotion of human rights in Africa. Mrs Atoki spent the last two years of as the Chairperson of the Commission, making her the first Nigerian to head an AU organ.

Mrs. Atoki, who is the first Nigerian and third African woman to be conferred with the Award, in her speech, established a strong link between peace and government’s adherence to Human Rights instruments, pointing out that her advocacy on Human Rights in the African Continent is premised on the conviction that human rights is a panacea for peace upon which democracy and good governance thrive.”

The laureate emphasized that human right “is the inherent right of man as a human being and the basic is the right to food, water and shelter”, stressing that “I dare say that a hungry man is an angry man, who will steal or rob or even murder and generally cause dis-order in order to remediate his needs.”

She added: “For peace to reign, government must attend to the human rights of its citizens, without which there will be conflict, which is based on discontent, and conflict leads to dis-order and dis-order sometimes leads to war and genocide with implications on the lives of human beings.”

The Gusi Peace Prize was founded and headed by Chairman Barry Gusi who continues the work of his late father, Hon. Gemeniano Javier Gusi. The Gusi Peace prize, recognizes individuals worldwide who have exemplary contributions in the fields of Scientific Research & Discovery, Medicine & Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Archeology, Architecture, Performing & Visual Arts, Economics, Legislation & Statesmanship, Literature, Academe, Humanitarianism & Philanthropy, Religion and Environment.

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