president obama & steve harvey

A young boy named Jordan gets a surprise greeting from President Obama while on a White House Christmas tour.

*Some folks visiting the White House last week got pleasant surprise and a two-fer.

President Obama and funnyman/talk show host Steve Harvey decided to do some hellos to a few folks who were there taking Christmas tours, including one youngster who had something in common with the prez.

“You got ears just like me,” President Obama said while shaking the hand of a boy named Jordan. “They give you some special power.”

Mr. Harvey who of course is famous in his own right had to play second banana to Mr. Obama

“I’ve never been ignored this many times ever,” Harvey said as he stood to Obama’s right while greeting guests. “This is so cool.”

“They just can’t see you behind the decorations,” Obama said.

President Obama greeted one woman with “feliz Navidad,” gave a handshake to a member of the military, and a birthday hug to another. Then Mr. Second banana got the ego grastifivcation he was looking for when the president was met with a quizzical look when he asked one young girl, “You know Steve Harvey?”

“I’m Cedric the Entertainer,” Harvey said to another guest. “Thank you for coming.