President Barack Obama*You can now add President Barack Obama to the list of people who have signed up for Obamacare.

The White House tells the Associated Press reports that Obama signed up through the Washington, D.C., marketplace over the weekend. The move, it said solidifies a promise made by the White House 2010 that the president would personally participate in the Affordable Healthcare Act after signing it into law.

In light of him signing up in private, without reporters present, it was unclear whether Obama encountered any of the website glitches that millions of other Americans have experienced.

Obama’s level of choice was the less-expensive “bronze” level, the White House added. Despite this, the commander-in-chief will continue receiving health care through the military.

Getting Obamacare wasn’t the only thing on President Obama’s mind. The chief executive took a lighter path during a recent interview with Steve Harvey. Politics took a backseat as Mr. Obama discussed how it would be for him when 15-year-old Malia and 12-year-old Sasha start dating.

president obama & daughtersTo hear the president, he’s not worried since his daughters are “very sensible” young women. Oh and it doesn’t hurt to have certain perks from being commander-in-chief.

“I’ve got men with guns following them around all the time,” joked Obama, who alluded to the Secret Service detail that is with his family all the time. “This is the main reason I ran for re-election. You know I’m going to have them covered for most of high school.”

On a serious side, Obama told Harvey that he just worries about “getting in the way of the girls having a normal life.”

The best defense, the politician revealed, is helping his daughters make smart decisions when it comes to dating.

“What I’ve told them before is, as long as that young man is showing you respect, and is kind to you, then I’m not going to be hovering over every second,” he shared.