R. Kelly*Although he’s done 33 chapters of his “Trapped in the Closet” series, R. Kelly is not though yet.

According to reports, the singer plans to release more chapters of the hip-hopera in 2014. Created, executive-produced and co-directed by Kellz, “Trapped in the Closet” features a bevy of memorable characters that include Sylvester, Rufus, Cathy, Tina, Roxanne, Rosie the Nosy Neighbor, Randolph, Twan, Pimp Lucius, Dr. Perry, Reverend Moseley and kingpin Beeno. All of the featured characters are set to return for the new “Trapped in the Closet” chapters, which will air on the IFC channel.

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The continuation of “Trapped in the Closet” was met with excitement from IFC president and general manager Jennifer Caserta.

“R. Kelly is an enormously talented artist and his creativity is on full display in Trapped in the Closet,” she said. “We are fortunate to be his partner in this one-of-a-kind project that has captivated viewers and can’t wait to bring the next chapters of Trapped to IFC.”

To prep for the new episodes, IFC will air marathons of the first 33 “Trapped in the Closet” chapters.

Although it’s good that Kelly will be “Trapped” again, what he may not welcome is being trapped by a new article highlighting his history of alleged sexual abuse. The Village Voice piece, titled “Read the ‘Stomach-Churning’ Sexual Assault Accusations Against R. Kelly in Full,” centers on an interview with Jim DeRogatis, the Chicago Sun-Times reporter who broke the assault story on Kelly nearly 15 years ago.

In addition to revealing many of the charges directed at Kelly, DeRogatis criticizes the media for letting the singer off the hook as a go-ahead to release his latest album, the sexually driven “Black Panties.”

Since the story broke, it has spread throughout the Internet as readers have expressed their reactions on social media outlets like Twitter. Kelly recently spoke out on the story during an interview with Atlanta’s V-03 as he compared himself to a football player.

“Well I feel like I got the football man, and I’m running towards the touchdown and if I stop and look back or mess around, I’ll get tackled,” the entertainer explained. “When you get on top of anything, it’s very windy. It’s about holding your balance once you get up there…Spiritually, I’m a climber.”

He went to direct any naysayers, haters and everything in between to the last record on his new project, perfectly titled “Shut Up.”

“I’m just thankful I can go anywhere musically, any genre I want to go to, I can do that,” Kelly continued, regarding “Black Panties,” his 12th studio album. “R&B is my home, my mansion. I’m in my living room right now, metaphorically. It feels good. I can always go home.”

To hear more of R. Kelly’s interview on V-103, click on the video below: