andrea kelly and r. kelly*R. Kelly may have a hit album on his hands with “Black Panties,” his new album, but the singer continues to be involved in personal legal drama.

For instance, as we recently reported, it was confirmed that had indeed paid off $114,000 in back payments of child support. Here’s info that she’d light on the situation. obtained legal documents that show Kelly and his ex-wife Andrea Kelly going to court over child support. Ms. Kelly apparently sent a notarized subpoena to the performance rights organization SESAC, Inc. The document, dated Oct. 30, 2013 and filed in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, ordered that information be provided about R. Kelly’s royalty income, licensing agreements, and assets to Andrea’s lawyer Robert M. Motta of Motta & Motta, LLC., to SESAC.

Despite the demand, a rep for R. Kelly echoed his client’s claims that he doesn’t owe any child support to his ex-wife by telling AllHipHop that “Mr. Kelly is current on his child support payments.” Andrea

After talking to Ms. Kelly’s attorney, Alison Motta of Motta & Motta LLC, AllHipHop received confirmation that R. Kelly was recently in arrears with his child support and that her firm in response to a court case filed the subpoena. In addition to Motta, the site confirmed that Ms. Kelly hired Bounty Alert/Project Child Support to assist her in recovering the funds. According to Bounty Alert President & CEO Kai D. Patterson, her company provided its services to Andrea Kelly as a courtesy to Motta despite her not being able to afford Bounty Alert’s initial payment of $350.

“We were asked to provide Ms. Kelly our program at no upfront cost and told that Andrea Kelly had mismanaged her earnings she received from VH1’s hit reality series, “Hollywood Exes,” Patterson wrote.

Needless to say, Motta disputes Patterson’s claims, saying that her client was obviously “having financial difficulties because of the child support situation, but it was a stretch to define her as indigent.”

The discovery of the legal documents come as Andrea Kelly’s lawyer confirms that R. Kelly has paid the past due child support of $114,000 and is currently up to date on his payments.

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