the game*Rapper The Game has such a good heart (and quite a track record for charity causes, too!).

Now he is raising money to pay for the funeral of a 7-year-old boy killed during a shooting in L.A. this week — a crime that’s suspected to be gang-related.

He called in to TMZ Live to explain that he had heard about Talib Pecantte’s death on the news and decided he wanted to do something for the victim’s family … especially since it happened so close to Christmas.

Game tells us he’s already raised $7,000 to help cover the boy’s funeral expenses — but the crazy part, Game says a huge chunk of that money is coming from top-ranking L.A. gang members … rival gangs too … Crips, Bloods, and Latin gangs alike.

Though he doesn’t have a goal in mind, Game says he’s just gonna keep raising money until he can’t raise any more. He also says he’s speaking to rival gang leaders about instituting a cease-fire … at least during the holidays.

Game has raised money for victims of other tragedies as well. Like when that 6-year-old was shot in September … and the house fire in Ohio.