photo by Brittney M. Walker

*Over the weekend we caught up heartthrob and Brooklyn native Rob Riley, known for “Bourne Legacy” and VHI’s “Hit the Floor.”

We ran into him during Rooftop 3100’s Annual Toy Drive in Los Angeles, where he told us about his latest work, the holidays, and what he wants for Christmas.

He’s a multitalented brotha with everything going for him, including his looks (we don’t need to say that twice). His latest production is a short film entitled “Finally” produced by and starring himself and Lawrence Phillip Jacobs. Though he didn’t divulge a lot of info about the coming film, he says it’s a drama about fathers and sons and colliding lives. The film should be wrapped up by the spring of 2014.

On what he’s doing for the holiday:

I’m looking forward to going back home and hanging out with my niece and nephew. I’ve got a five-year-old niece and seven-year-old nephew and an 18-year-old niece. I’m looking forward to giving them some presents and having them over. Christmas is really about the kids, besides giving back to your fellow man. The presents are really for the kids. I’m looking forward to seeing their faces when they open up and see their new remote control cars.

What does he want for Christmas?

I want peace and love. I know that sounds corny, but that’s really all I want. I’m looking forward to going back home and getting some love from my family. And looking forward to a little peace and quiet. But if you want to get me a gadget, I’ll take a Pebbles Smartwatch, so I don’t have to look down at my cell phone all the time.