shaunie & shaq*OK, here we go again.

Shaunie O’Neal says her ex-husband, Shaquille O’Neal is straight up full of it when he says he doesn’t want their kids doing reality TV.

Furthermore it appears she has the evidence to back up her claim. She took some unsigned contracts and correspondence to court  that clearly shows  that Shaq himself was negotiating to become part of the reality show project. And on top of that, he included their 4 kids as well.

Hmmm. This revelation sort of changes things … you would think.

In any event, according to TMZ, Shaunie submitted a sworn declaration to the court from the head producer, who claims Shaq gave him the green light to do the show, only to withdraw permission after saying the show is “not a good look for me.”

But when you have a dispute, the other party has a completely different story. And in this case, sources connected with Shaq say at first he was down with doing the show until he learned one of his kids had a serious learning problem in school.

The source also says he also wanted creative control to protect his kids and that was denied.  But Shaunie claims Shaq was offered creative control.

Bottom line: Shaq may or may not be a hypocrite, but Shaq is winning … so far.